Apple HomeKit and micro:bit -- Siri 第二彈

2017-08-19 20:11

Apple HomeKit and micro:bit 

Part I

集成Apple HomeKit與micro:bit打開和關閉LED矩陣micro:bit藍牙事件服務。 你也可以從Siri控制!


Integration Apple HomeKit with micro:bit to turn on and off LED matrix on micro:bit over bluetooth event service. You can control from Siri too!!

Source code:

How to run:
- Copy .hex to micro:bit
- Install NodeJS Homebridge:
- Install the plugin from the source code
Run with command: homebridge -D -P homebridge-microbit 
- Pair the app with Apple HomeKit and that's it.

Tested on iPhone 6S - iOS 10.3.3


Part II:

This is the last project with Siri (I hope) "Adjust LED brightness with micro:bit and Siri".



Part III:


micro:bit色調 - 選擇您的LED燈的顏色

我認為這是值得分享的。 我創建了一個PoC來控制RGB LED燈與Apple HomeKit。 選擇LED燈的顏色的方式是色調和飽和度。 它的作品像Philip Hue,但是由你自己製作。

您需要安裝和配置Homebridge並從源代碼安裝插件。 不要忘記將.hex文件複製到micro:bit。


micro:bit Hue - Choose the color of your LED light

I think this is worth to share. I created a PoC to control the RGB LED light with Apple HomeKit. The way to choose the color of LED light is with hue and saturation. It works like Philip Hue but made by yourself.

You need to install and configure the Homebridge and install the plugin from the source code. Don't forget to copy .hex file to micro:bit.


Source code:
p.s. From the video, you barely can see the LED color is changing from one color to another.