Siri and micro:bit

2017-08-17 20:09

Siri and micro:bit

現在是時候嘗試蘋果Siri !! 您可以詢問Siri檢查門傳感器狀態或其他任何信息。

簧片開關傳感器通過micro:bit連接到引腳0。 我創建了自己的插件(非常初始版本)來讀取引腳0的值,並訂閱Iopin藍牙服務。



Now It is time to experiment with Apple Siri !!. You can ask Siri to check the door sensor status or anything else.

The reed switch sensor is connected to pin 0 on micro:bit. I created my own plugin (very initial version) to read the value from pin 0 and subscribe to IOPin bluetooth service.

The end result is return back to Homebridge app.


- Apple HomeKit
- NodeJS
- My own plugin:
- Ubuntu desktop.