Micro:bit 機器人擴充板(Robot:bit) 套件

Micro:bit 機器人擴充板(Robot:bit) 套件
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牌價: $2,000
未稅價格: $1,286
含稅價格: $1,350
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Micro:bit 機器人擴充板(Robot:bit) 套件


早BBC發布了Micro:bit開發板。這塊旨在讓青少年利用科技發揮創意的板子,是奠基於BBC的「Make it Digital」活動。這是該組織35年來最具雄心壯志的教育倡議。
「當Micro:bit可以連接上手機、盆栽以及Raspberry Pi之後,這對物聯網的意義,就會像當初BBC Micro對英國遊戲產業的意義一樣。」


以下的套件組,適合有興趣用Micro:bit入門及作馬達控制,進一步開發取代mbot 的micro:bit機器人

Micro:bit機器人擴充板(Robot:bit) 套件定價 NT$2000 (推廣價 $1350)


Micro:bit 單板

x 1


Robot:bit(內建 Buzzer)

x 1


日系 18950

x 1





BBC micro:bit  是對板子上所有功能都提供了,非常親切可程式化的高階語言及圖形化程式環境。這包含了矩陣式LEDs 螢幕的控制,按鍵、數位輸出入、類比輸出入、加速度感測器、磁力感測器、藍芽通訊等。



·        Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU

·        A 5x5 LED matrix with 25 red LEDs to light up and can display animiated patterns, scrolling text and alphanumeric characters

·        Two programmable buttons. Use them as a games controller, or control music on a smart phone

·        On-board motion detector or 3-AXIS digital accelerometer that can detect movement e.g. shake, tilt or free-fall

·        A built-in compass, 3D magnetometer to sense which direction you're facing and your movement in degrees and detect the presence of certain metals and magnets

·        Bluetooth® Smart Technology. Connect the micro:bit to other micro:bits, devices, phones, tablets, cameras and other everday objects

·        20 pin edge connector: This allows the micro:bit to be connected to other devices such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Galileo and Kano through a standard connector

·        Micro-USB controller: This is controlled by a separate processor and presents the micro:bit to a computer as a memory stick

·        Five Ring Input and Output (I/O) including power (PWR), ground (GRD) and 3 x I/O.

·        System LED x 1 (yellow)

·        System push button switch x 1

·        System push button switch x 1



Silicon Manufacturer:  Nordic Semiconductor

Core Architecture:       ARM

Core Sub-Architecture:  ARM

Silicon Core Number:     ARM Cortex M0

Silicon Family Name:      ARM, Cortex